David Van Hoesen designs luxury homes for the Greenwich, CT community.


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My name is David Van Hoesen and I am the founder and president of Van Hoesen Realty and Alpha Building & Construction

Born and raised in Greenwich, Connecticut, I developed an interest in building and design at a young age. After years of taking apart my toys and putting them back together again, it only felt natural to pursue a career in real estate development.

Currently, in addition to operating Van Hoesen Realty and Alpha,  I am also a Managing Partner of Brookside Properties, LLC.


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Sharing my expertise on Real Estate, Development, and Management.
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Whether you're a new home owner or looking to sell, your Home Resale Value is incredibly important.


From home decor trends to essential home features, David shares his recommendations for home owners and renters.


David shares insight into his 25+ year career, highlighting his major achievements and the future of real estate.


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